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Grand Basileus Tony Knox
Giving Honor to God and My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Men of Omega it is time for us to step up in a different way and expand our partnership with the White House and to assist those within our communities that are in need of affordable health insurance.

As the organization that the community expects to lead when there is a need, we must increase the awareness and enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.

Of the 17.6 million Americans that now have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act, there are millions more that need coverage. Unfortunately, African-American men disproportionately stand out as one of the lowest percentages of all those whom have signed up for the coverage.

It is our job to lead in changing that statistic.

Working together we can make a positive difference in raising the awareness of the products available and provide access to the resources to insure that the opportunity is not overlooked or that those in need will not miss their window of opportunity because of a lack of knowledge.

I am calling upon the members of the Supreme Council, and our international committee chairs in health, prostate cancer, social action, achievement week, fatherhood and mentoring, voter education, and any others with programs and outreach to their respective communities.
Likewise, I am encouraging all grand officers to please encourage district officers to be engaged with their District Representatives to make this happen. We must use Achievement Week Programs, council meetings, chapter events, and any public Omega events must be used as opportunities to get the word out.

The open enrollment period extends from NOVEMBER 1, 2015 through JANUARY 31, 2016. The link to the Affordable Care Act is: and the White House and the United States Department of Health and Human Services would like for the fraternity to use the following twitter and hashtags: #GETCOVERED #AfAmHealth @POTUS @BarackObama @WhiteHouse @HHSgov @SecBurwell @CMSGov @TamiaBooker @OfficialOPPF #AfricanAmericanMenACA.

There are states and cities that we really need a strong presence in because primarily African-American men have not signed up in those specific areas including the following:

States: Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Michigan and Arizona;

Cities: Atlanta, Dallas Ft-Worth, Houston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville, Detroit, Memphis, Charlotte, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Daytona Beach, New Orleans, West Palm Beach, Norfolk-Portsmouth, Richmond, Jackson, Mississippi, Northern Virginia and St. Louis.

We have great chapters in every one of these areas and I am asking brothers to accept the challenge and partner with other organizations, and state and federal governments, and insure that everyone in the area has the opportunity to go to the website, to see the flyers, to get information and to meet resource officers that can sign them up.

Omega has another opportunity to make a difference.We are one.


Antonio F. Knox Sr.
40th Grand Basileus

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