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Grand Basileus Tony Knox

First, giving Honor to God and My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

Allow me to pose a rhetorical question that should resonate in the minds of fair-minded Americans everywhere; when will law enforcement leadership and local prosecutors put the hammer down on wanton acts of police brutality within the ranks of local departments.

Police departments coast-to-coast have a collective black-eye due to a small population of cops who are quick to discharge a service revolver, become trigger happy when handling a Taser, and use excessive force to neutralize a citizen.

As Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, I was deeply disturbed to view the video of 26-year-old Jonathan Miller, a respected member of the Prairie View City council, and man of Omega, being tased by Prairie View city police.

Video accounts indicate Brother Miller was on his knees and in a non-threatening posture when he appeared to get roughed up by the officers. The police insist Brother Miller was interfering with their police work. However, Miller maintains he was seeking to intervene and explain to the authorities that the men they were questioning were his friends.
Miller was detained, injured, and his body bloodied by the officers.

We are grateful that the outcome for Brother Miller was dramatically different than Sandra Bland who died while in police custody in July 2015. Yet, the same officer on the scene with Councilman Miller was also involved in the arrest of the deceased. Which begs the question, what is going on with certain elements of their police department? Should more sensitivity of the population become mandatory for every officer given a badge to protect and serve?

It is my request that the Governor of Texas, the State Attorney General, the Mayor and council associates of Jonathan Miller, ask crucial questions that will bring a solution to a pervasive problem.

I realize Prairie View is not the only city with community relations challenges; however with several incidents in the same city, and state, give reason for pause. As men of Omega we are duty-bound to uplift our community while seeking answers that result in a better quality of life for all mankind.

The fraternity will monitor the developments in this matter and pledge our support to Brother Miller as he seeks justice with issues of excessive force and police misconduct. We urge each of our 750 chapters in Omega Psi Phi as well as the 5,700 affiliated chapters under the National Pan-Hellenic Council to seek solutions to bringing positive change in our country. We have corporate and community leaders within our ranks that should demand accountability of elected government leaders in order to force the question. 

Should our voices fall on deaf ears our collective wisdom and intellect should heighten the urgency and leave no doubt that Omega will never concede to the deterioration of human rights toward any citizen of these United States.

We are one!


Antonio F. Knox Sr.
40th Grand Basileus

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