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Grand Basileus Tony Knox

June 23, 2015

On behalf of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated we applaud our fraternity brothers, U.S. Representative James Clyburn, retired South Carolina state senator Floyd Breeland as well as current South Carolina state senator Marlon Kimpson, who stood firm with other elected leaders in recommending the Confederate battle flag be removed from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol.

They were joined by President Barack Obama, South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, State Representative Doug Brannon, NAACP President Cornell Brooks, Bishop John Bryant of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Nathaniel Jackson, the basileus of the Mu Alpha chapter and scores of Omega men within the Charleston area demanding this notorious symbol of racial hatred, racial hostility and intolerance be taken down.

"Our legislators would do themselves and our state proud if they would furl (fold) the "battle flag," and place it in a museum so all South Carolinians can become unified around positive and unifying symbols in which all of us are invested and to which all of us can pledge allegiance," Jim Clyburn said.

We strongly agree.

Brother Clyburn, Gov. Haley and others displayed enormous courage in taking this stand. They spoke with a united voice and loudly proclaimed that it is time to come together and put basic decency and humanity ahead of intolerance.

Now is the time for healing and I applaud our political leaders and the citizens of Charleston for coming together. The families of those killed inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church continue to be strong and loving as they have expressed forgiveness.

The Rev. Clementa Pinckney often said that love conquers hate and that clearly was demonstrated when he and other members of his congregation welcomed a stranger within their midst.

I pray that the citizens of Charleston and others around the country will recognize what we in Omega have already recognized and that is --- We are One!

The invitation for us to show love to one another is being accepted in a mighty way and I pray that it continues.

I love you all!


Antonio F. Knox Sr.
40th Grand Basileus

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