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Grand Basileus Tony Knox
January 28, 2016


Omega men,

Giving honor to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I pray that all of you and yours are safe from the storms that have swept parts of the country over the past few days. Please follow our protocol if you are aware of any brother in distress from the recent storms.

Fortunately, I am not aware of any brothers being directly affected by the recent inclement weather.

By the same token, we are all painfully aware of the significant public health crisis currently affecting the residents of Flint, Michigan. This is a life threatening crisis involving contaminated water being dispensed in the Flint area. As a result, this has created serious health concern for the children and all citizens.

This must be fixed immediately.

We want to assist those Flint residents and provide them with much-needed resources like safe bottled water and other necessities.

Fraternity funds have been sent to the brothers of the local chapters so they can purchase bottled water and other supplies. We will partner with Omega Charities to accept tax deductible donations to further our assistance efforts.

Please visit the Omega Charities link ( and contribute whatever you can. By working together with Omega Charities, we will insure that the donations get distributed to those most adversely affected.

I would like to thank Brother Steve Watkins, Tenth District Representative, and Darryl Jones, Tenth District First Vice District Representative, for their leadership in this effort as well as the brothers of the Talented Tenth District in executing the plan to partner and distribute the needed supplies.

Likewise, the Omega chapters in the Flint, Michigan, area are also leading this effort.

Their contact information follows:

Brother Fred Saffold III, Basileus of Tau Kappa Kappa Chapter; 313-282-6149.

Brother Derrick L. Britton, Basileus of Omicron Rho; 810-610-2819.

Brother Darryl Jones, Tenth District First Vice District Representative - 248-761-9698.

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