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The Omega Professional Business Directory Launched
Monday, July 31, 2017 by Author: Admin.
Resume Repository Omega continues to find ways to support our financial brotherhood given all that we ask of you.

The Omega Professional Business Directory (OPBD) is a listing of businesses owned by or in partnership with Omega men. The OPBD provides immediate access to Omega business owners or partners in a global environment for services and products needed.

The purpose of the OPBD is to provide a compiled professional business directory as a service to the Brotherhood and a means to further build our Omega brand. The intent is to promote Omega Men conducting business with Omega men. It will also generate Omega networking opportunities and enable a unique membership benefit.

All Omega men who have access to MyPage can provide information to be added to the OPBD. The information will be reviewed to determine if an Omega man is the sole owner or partner of the business.

The intent is for Omega men to do business with Omega men. All Omega men who have access to My Page first access Click on the Members only selection then Member Login to My Page. Then select My Page/Lockbox followed by My Page. Once in My Page select OPPF Professional Business Directory (OPBD).

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