2019 Veteran’s Day Message

From the Desk of the Grand Basileus


It is with sincere appreciation and admiration that we take time to say thank you to the brothers of our great fraternity who have served and continue to serve honorably in the armed forces.

Across the globe, the United States and our allies have engaged in monumental conflicts that changed the tapestry of the world order. As recorded in both world history and our fraternal history, Omega Men answered the call. Whether on the ground, from the sea, or from the sky, Omega men drew nigh to serve.

As documented in the June 1945 edition of the Oracle, while speaking to brothers assembled at Tuskegee Army Air Field, Lieutenant Robert L. Gill proclaimed, “as the march of men and events move on in this war crazed world, so do Omega Men.”

Lieutenant Gill’s words still resonate and are possibly more relevant today. As nations navigate the fine line between war and peace, the Men of Omega continue to stand steadfast in the gap, and relentlessly serve – answering their nation’s call in the service of others.

The deeds of servicemen and servicewomen and the sacrifices of their families are the foundation for our annual Veteran’s Day celebration. We are thankful for the path you have chosen, and we are proud to call each of you Brother and Friend. As Omega men, we observe this day in 2019 with particular pride and gratitude as a two-mile segment of Highway 198 adjacent to the Sequoia National Park was renamed the Colonel Charles Young Memorial Highway today.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. May God Bless our veterans and their families.

Yours in true Omega Spirit,

David E. Marion, Ph.D.
41st Grand Basileus

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