Calling All Omegas To Action!

You must admit that the affection and respect we have for our very own Brigadier General Charles Young rivals that of any other Fraternal or service organization in existence. Born into slavery in Kentucky, he clawed and labored to develop a work ethic that would lead him to West Point and beyond. It was his courage on display as he fought discrimination and prejudice

It is because of his legacy of fighting for the rights of African American soldiers as well as his very distinct background and passion for training soldiers that he has more than earned the privilege of having a military base renamed in honor.

Earlier this year, a Defense Department commission created by the Pentagon determined it would seek the help of the public to assist it in renaming military bases that are currently named after Civil War Confederate soldiers. Military bases including Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, and Fort Hood are slated for name change reviews by the fully funded commission.

Brothers, we are asking that you and your circle of Brothers, family, and friends use the link below to cast your vote for Brigadier General Charles Young.

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Remember, Vote for Brigadier General Charles Young.


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