Honoring Excellence: Brigadier General Landis C. Maddox’s Inspiring Journey

In a poignant ceremony filled with gratitude and camaraderie, Brigadier General Landis C. Maddox, the esteemed commander of Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, was recently promoted to the prestigious rank of brigadier general. Surrounded by family, colleagues, and fraternity brothers, Bro. Maddox (Phi Nu ’96) reflected on his remarkable journey and expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support that propelled him to this momentous achievement.

The promotion ceremony, held at the Lieutenant Andrew McNamara auditorium on January 26, served as a testament to Maddox’s unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership. Addressing the audience with humility, Maddox emphasized that his success was not a solitary feat but the result of collaborative efforts from countless individuals and teams throughout his career.

As a symbol of gratitude, Maddox presented custom star coins to attendees, each representing the integral role played by his supporters in his ascent to brigadier general. From the United States Military Academy to his cherished friendships, family bonds, and the unwavering support of “Team Maddox,” he credited these pillars as the foundation of his success.

During the ceremony, Army Lieutenant General Ronald P. Clark, senior military assistant to the Secretary of Defense, lauded Maddox as an exceptional logistician and leader of unparalleled caliber. Praising Maddox’s ability to prioritize the welfare of service members across all branches of the military, Clark described him as “the absolute best logistician” he has had the honor of serving alongside.

Highlighting Maddox’s exceptional leadership potential from the outset of his career, Clark reminisced about their time serving together and expressed his conviction that Maddox was destined for greatness. Drawing attention to the rarity of achieving the rank of brigadier general, Clark underscored the significance of Maddox’s accomplishment, emphasizing that less than one percent of officers commissioned in Maddox’s year have attained this distinction.

Maddox’s promotion to brigadier general represents not only a personal milestone but also a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and service to the nation. As a graduate of the United States Military Academy with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Maddox’s distinguished career has been marked by numerous deployments, leadership roles, and accolades, including the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star Medal.

In recognition of his exceptional achievements and the profound impact he has made on the military community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Brigadier General Landis C. Maddox. His inspiring journey serves as a beacon of excellence and an embodiment of the values of honor, duty, and dedication. Let us salute this exemplary soldier with four resounding claps as he continues to lead with distinction and serve our nation with pride.

Photo by Christopher Lynch, DLA Photographer

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