Judson Frazier Eneas: a pioneering physician and veteran nephrologist dies from coronavirus

Judson Frazier Eneas: a pioneering physician and veteran nephrologist dies from coronavirus

by OPPF Editorial Board - April 6, 2020

Dr. Judson Frazier Eneas, a pioneering physician and renowned nephrologist, who was initiated into Omega Psi Phi in 1965 through the Eta Psi Chapter at Fisk University, has died four days after his coronavirus diagnosis. Brother Eneas was 72.

“What God did last night, it was a perfect plan,” his wife Marcheta Eneas told EWNews.com in Nassau, Bahamas. “Judson fought and he fought and he fought. But the man got tired and after being with the same man for 50 years, I knew there would come a time where he’d just let go and let God,” she said. Brother Eneas was hospitalized shortly after being diagnosed, and had no travel history but was linked to a previous case.

A longtime healthcare professional, Eneas was among hundreds of frontline medical workers engaged in treating and protecting Bahamians against the virus.

“Dr. Judson Eneas was a God-fearing man,” Zweli Mkhize, head of the Ministry of Health in the Bahamas said in a press release. “His love for God and Christ molded the compassion and kindness he showed to his patients and their families.  His legacy will be remembered for generations as his unforgettable work and character are woven into the fabric of this nation.”

Brother Eneas attended Fisk University. He earned a bachelor of arts degree and later a medical degree. Training internationally in internal medicine and nephrology, in 1986 Brother Eneas returned to the Bahamas and established the Dialysis Services at Doctors Hospital. He was also the founder and medical director of RenalMed Associates Medical Center.

Dr. Judson Eneas was a member of the Pi Xi chapter as well as a pioneer outside of the fraternity.  In 1992, he founded The Gentlemen’s Club, an after school program designed to promote the growth and advancement of young men. The group helped hundreds of young men with scholarships, training, and personal enrichment.

Brother Eneas is survived by his wife Marcheta and three children.

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