Nate Rivers Receives Seymour Award for Outstanding Planning

Brother Nate Rivers (’93 ΓAA) has been recognized for his exceptional planning skills and dedication to his community. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce awarded him the prestigious Seymour Award, naming him “Planner of The Year” for his solo planning efforts that had a significant economic impact on the city in a short period of time.

Rivers, who served as the 78th 12th District Meeting Marshal, played a pivotal role in organizing last year’s District Meeting in Anchorage. The event had an economic impact of more than $750,000, a testament to Rivers’ meticulous planning and execution.

“I was honored to receive this award, but I also know it was indeed a village effort,” Rivers stated humbly. He acknowledged the support and guidance of several key individuals within the fraternity who were instrumental in the success of the event.

Rivers expressed gratitude to his co-chairman, Brother Franklin Harris, and his Immediate Past District Representative, Brother Kwame Dow, for their unwavering support and trust in his planning abilities. He also thanked Brother Ed Young, the current First Vice District Representative, for his invaluable guidance and advice based on his wealth of experience. Lastly, Rivers recognized Brother William Edwards, the current District Representative, for his direction and ensuring that the event met the standards befitting of Omega.

“To all, thanks immensely for the timely brotherly advice without hesitation,” Rivers added, emphasizing the importance of brotherhood and collaboration in achieving success.

The Seymour Award is a testament to Brother Rivers’ commitment to excellence and his ability to make a lasting impact on his community through his planning efforts. As he continues to serve as a role model within the fraternity and beyond, his dedication and leadership are sure to inspire others to make positive contributions to their communities.

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