Well Prepared Program

ΩΨΦ Well-Prepared Program

Well-Prepared Program: Phase II

Each chapter will have a Program Coordinator (CPC-Chapter Program Coordinator) to lead the intervention. The modules to be implemented include the following:

Children Modules

  • Healthy Eating
  • Screen Time
  • Being Physically Active

Parent Modules

  • Healthy Weight
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Zero Sweetened Beverages
  • Meal Planning/Shopping on a Budget
  • Screen Time and Physical Activity
  • Sleep and Mental Wellness

The program activities and implementation will take place between April/May, 2022 and December 2022 with the following timeline:

  • February/March – Chapter Program Coordinators (CPC) will participate with the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and Consultants in an informational meeting
  • March – CPC and members will participate in initial virtual Training on Modules
  • April – June – Recruitment of Children, Parent/Families for Intervention –Get parental release forms signed, etc.
  • July – CPC will participate on a panel with a representative from each of the 10 chapters at the Conclave in Charlotte, NC
  • September – November – Implementation of Modules; Pre-Tests must be completed by each child and parent participant during the orientation or implementation of the first module.  CPC will participate on regularly scheduled Conference Calls with Consultants
  • November/Final Session – Dissemination and Collection of Post-Tests on each child/parent participant to begin compilation of data for final report to provide to the consultant.
  • December – Chapter will submit Final Report-December 31 is deadline; Pre-Post Test data must be included in the Final Report and CPC must use Final Report Template (located under FORMS).

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